Welcome to Relief4Africa

Relief4africa (R4A) is a charitable, local non-religious; non-political and non-governmental Organisation (NGO) based and operating in the Somalia. R4A is registered as a Non-profit Organisation under the Somalia Corporation under Government of Somalia.

The headquarters of R4A is located in Bardhare, Gedo region, Jubbaland, Somalia.

Through our regional office in Somalia, R4A is focusing on locally identified interventions working with local communities to mitigate hardship situations and together find solutions. R4A works toward an integrated development linking humanitarian response to long term planning and assisting the building up of local capacity to ensure sustainability.

We assist rural and pastoral communities to develop the foresight towards the changing climate, diminishing finite resources and to secure, consolidate and utilize wisely the use of critical resources for their livelihood and in ways they have not thought of before. The heart of the matter is think of tomorrow and how manage those resources in an environmentally sustainable manner.

All of our interventions aim at strengthening control over and management of those resources by the people themselves.

In the long-term programs, R4A is involved in developments including agriculture, livestock, clean water and health care. While short-term humanitarian interventions offer urgent respite for particular period, it’s the long term, post emergency situations that need careful planning.

R4A works with local communities, learning with them and identifying with them interventions that are appropriate which can last and that which local community are confortable in maintaining. R4A recognises peace consolidation and peace making are built in these interventions, which are critical to success and sustainability.